I am Ojo Iszy, an Ethical Hacker. I invite you to

Learn Cyber Security
with me.

I teach normal everyday people how to do what they are already doing online, SECURELY!

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Meet Ojo Iszy

Hacker | CyberSecurity Teacher

Welcome! My cybersecurity enthusiasts! I am Ojo Iszy, your cybersecurity teacher.

I initially started to learn hacking for the power I could wield with it. But I soon realized the enormity of that power, and how much it can really affect people’s lives beyond the computer screen.

With great power comes great responsibility. So I created this website to teach as many people how to stay SECURE online. And don’t forget a cybersecurity educated people will make a secure company or organization.

You can read more about OJO ISZY at the About page, and why I decided to do hacking on the ethical (or legal) side.

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